Welcome to the Plastic Surgery Fellowship Network (PSFN)!

What is the PSFN?

The PSFN developed by the Junior Working Group under the auspices and support of EURAPS (European Association of Plastic Surgeons). It is a free online platform to connect, in a simple, broad and fast way, trainees at every level of education (college or medical students, residents, Phd candidates) or junior specialists with a broad number of educational opportunities offered by academic/medical institutions operating in the field of plastic surgery. Our motto is: PSFN, connecting Docs!!

How does the PSFN work?

Academic/medical Institutions are invited to register and post their educational opportunities (e.g., a research fellowship, an observership or a clinical fellowship, etc). Each Institution will have total control on the type of opportunities they will offer and will be able to post unlimited opportunities!

Trainees/junior specialists will register to the platform, fill their profile (an online "CV"), navigate the platform, and select fellowships/opportunities that best match their interest. Applicants can apply to a fellowship in few seconds: their request, along with their CV, will automatically be sent to the Institution promoting the program they are applying to. Provided they are eligible, each applicant will be able to apply to any opportunity available.

Administrative personnel at academic/medical Institutions will receive notifications of new applications, will be able to review each candidate' CV and application directly on the platform, eventually communicating with them before approving or rejecting the application directly through the platform.

What is the innovation and the advantage of the PSFN?

The system is designed to simplify the process for both applicants and institutions and expand possibilities of interactions and collaborations between the two.

As a trainee/junior specialist you will be able to:
a) access under a single platform an extensive and updated number of educational opportunities;
b) send your application in a very fast, standardized way.

As an academic/medical Institutions you will be able to:
a) communicate your opportunities to a much broader audience of possible applicants;
b) post even smaller opportunities;
c) use a simple, standardized, fast system to post opportunities, manage them, and review applications

At PSFN we believe the platform will be a game-changer, transforming the field of education in plastic surgery. We want you to be part of this and to help us reshaping the educational future of our profession.

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